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RPM Presents
True View
 Virtual Store Checks

To get a true picture of your brands’ presence on shelf you need shelf condition data points, as well as the ability to actually VIEW the shelf in multiple stores.

The problem with gathering in- store photos to provide the latter, is there has been no effective way of reviewing these photos to truly gain insights into the range of your shelf conditions across multiple stores.  

RPM’s True View Virtual Store Checks solves this dilemma by:

  • Gathering both in-store data points and photos from each store checked across any retailer of your choosing

  • Reviewing each and every photo taken (you know – that thing you never have time to do) to capture the consumers view of your brand in all stores visited

  • Utilizing a “Perfect Shelf “scoring system, customized to your parameters, to break down the quality of your shelf presence across the retailer

  • Sorting photos based on your Perfect Shelf Score to provide easy access in viewing opportunities that must be addressed

  • Conducting a virtual walk through of the findings of your shelf presence with you upon completion of our True View Virtual Store Checks

Our comprehensive True View Virtual Store Checks provide you with:

  • An invaluable tool for managing in-store service goals, direction, and incentives that can be applied to your internal or agency merchandising teams

  • A sales tool to build key merchandising objectives with retailers

  • An understanding of your brand presence, and that of your competitors, providing insights to both your Sales & Marketing teams

  • An at-shelf price check tool for your brands vs your competitors

  • The ability to visit a limitless number of stores, in a short period of time, without leaving your desk!

  • A core & foundational element for assessing and adapting your ongoing efforts at retail

True View Summary Reports Using “Perfect Shelf” Scoring

RPM works with you to define your “Perfect Shelf” parameters and then measures each store to these conditions to identify valuable opportunities.

PS SCORE =6.jpg
PS SCORE =4.jpg
PS SCORE =3.jpg
PS SCORE =1.jpg

PS Score = 6

PS Score = 4

PS Score = 3

PS Score = 1

BOTTOM LINE:  You Ask – We Deliver

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