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RPM’s Pharmacy Reach Solution provides customized solutions for penetrating pharmacies nationally to provide critical education on the key aspects of your prescription & OTC products

Specifically Designed & Constructed for:

  1. RX to OTC Switches & New Item Launches

  2. Continuous Education & Awareness for critical brands @ the Pharmacy Level

  • Each program is customized to your specific needs

  • Brand Ambassadors or Professional Pharmacy Representatives utilized

  • All calls are dedicated to your products and initiatives

  • Surge or Ongoing Pharmacy Coverage capabilities

  • Flexible/Targeted coverage plans

  • Multiple levels of training based on your products and regulatory requirements

  • Comprehensive real-time reporting of coverage and in-pharmacy detailing

  •  Customized Executive Level and Detailed Reports

The RPM Pharmacy Reach Solution Providing Critical Education to the Patients’ Trusted Pharmacist


In recent years, a leading pharmaceutical company received FDA approval for a revolutionary new medical device that would dramatically improve how patients manage their diabetes. In addition, future device upgrades, would require ongoing support. Thus the company was seeking a solution to penetrating and educating pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across the country to ensure patient compliance and ongoing success of the product.


Retail Performance Management, a leader in the development and management of in-store service programs, created
two unique solutions specifically suited to achieve both of the client’s needs.


Solution 1:
Pharmacy Ambassador Program A broad based flexible program providing:

  • Professional dedicated part time pharmacy representation in key markets:

               * Initial Launch = 12 Markets
               * Expanded to 30 Markets the following year
               * 300 to 550 pharmacies per territory
               * Ability to launch additional markets as deemed                          necessary

  • Professionally trained pharmacy reps utilizing client’s training personnel and materials

  • Call frequencies customize

  • Dedicated Surge Coverage across the US capable of reaching 20,000+ pharmacies

  • 1,000+ Pharmacy Ambassadors

  • Client provided collateral delivered and detailed to pharmacy staff

  • 3 to 4 week coverage period

  • Ability to target specific time periods and/or geographic areas per client needs

Solution 2:
Pharmacy Representative Program Ongoing professional representation providing:

Pharmacy Ambassador


  • Completed 4 waves of service over 11 month period:

              *Feb/Mar = 6,650 pharmacies 

              *July = 15,000 pharmacies

              *Oct = 18,850 pharmacies

              *Dec = 22,000 pharmacies

  • 97% completion of assigned pharmacy target calls


  • Total Pharmacy Staff Penetration = 95%


  • Collateral Reviewed with a member of Pharmacy Staff in 57,000 store calls


  • Provided in-pharmacy data collection and feedback focused on patient usage of product, Medicaid/Medicare & insurance coverage, patient cost, and order fulfillment issues.

Pharmacy Representative


  • Approximately 55,000 pharmacy calls annually 


  • Pharmacist / Pharmacy staff detailed on 93% of calls (98% in High Decile Pharmacies)


  • Played critical role in transitioning patients to an upgraded device and introducing a Free Trial Offer to grow user base

  • Provided pharmacy level data back to client focused on pharmacy awareness, number of prescribed patients, order fulfilment issues, and competitive activity


  • Performance of new product in covered markets consistently outpaced non-covered markets

              *Sales volume on new device in covered markets grew 175% vs 140% in non-covered markets

              *Redemptions for special Free Trial Offer were 16% higher in covered markets

              *Pharmacy awareness of product attributes was 3X higher in covered vs non-covered markets


  • This dedicated pharmacy program continues today to support additional product innovations

Below are 4 examples of Pharmacist’s Awareness, related to the Case Study on the previous page, in RPM serviced vs non-serviced markets

BOTTOM LINE:  You Ask – We Deliver

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