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Mystery Shopping Services

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Since 2005, RPM's mystery shopping programs have played an important role in helping organizations refine and maintain high levels of front-line execution, which results in better service for their customers.  RPM customizes each mystery shopping program to meet the goals of the client and provide the analysis required to improve operations and customer service. 


RPM offers a wide range of services and solutions in a variety of industries which include general retail, convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacy, wireless, manufacturing, banks & financial, restaurants, travel, hotels, health centers, apartments, home furnishings and flooring, time shares, car wash, software, pet services, theme parks, and parking facilities. 


Benefits of Mystery Shopping:

You cannot improve what you do not measure.  Putting the right Mystery Shopping program into action can directly impact your bottom line.  Our customized mystery shopping programs can maximize your ROI, drive continuous improvement, provide a consistent brand experience while addressing gaps in internal training. 

  • Evaluate your competition

  • Obtain visibility into operational standards

  • Assess the implementation of brand standards objectively

  • Reveal gaps in employee training

  • Collect metrics along your customer journey


Program Setup And Consultation:

RPM will first consult with you to gain a better understanding of your current operations and standards for doing business.  Additionally, we try and understand what your company has been doing for the past few years to gain insight of your services and what steps you've taken to make improvements. (i.e. other shopper programs, customer surveys, IVR services, corporate trainers, new hire training, etc.) More importantly, we will learn what your goals are for growth and improvement once the Mystery Shop information is in your hands and determine whether you have a structured plan to roll out the necessary training needed to affect improvement.


On-Time Completion Rate:

RPM offers the most on-time completion rate in the industry.  We produce the freshest data at all times. You can be assured that your company and project will be our top priority.


Full Visibility Through Reporting:

RPM will create customized reports that make analysis simple.  We will work with you to design a program around your specific needs to ensure the information you receive back is accurate, reflective, and useful for making changes and implementing training.  

BOTTOM LINE:  You Ask – We Deliver

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