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Bringing CPG Industry Peers together to engage, learn, and share Best Practices and Approaches

The purpose of each group is to provide a forum for benchmarking and sharing Best Practice approaches to solving the challenges of today’s marketplace. In addition to lively discussion during the twice-a-year share meetings, members gain a network of peers to communicate with. Members pay an annual membership fee, plus fair share of expenses for meetings attended. Each group meets twice per year. If for some reason a member cannot attend, an associate is welcome.

We offer the following Share Groups and a network of over 100 participating CPG companies:

Supply Chain Suite

  • Customer Logistics

  • Customer Service

  • Customer Supply Chain Services

  • Digital Supply Chain

  • Supply & Demand Planning Management

  • Transportation

  • Warehouse

Sales Suite

  • Sales Leadership & Broker Management

  • E-Commerce

  • Kroger Business

  • Shopper Digital Marketing

  • Vice President, Sales

  • Walmart Business

  • Target

  • Trade Marketing

  • C Store

Participating CPG Manufacturers
(currently in 1 or more share groups)


The Retail Performance Management Team has more than 75 combined years of experience in the CPG Sales and Supply Chain industry. The team has been facilitating Share Groups for many years across multi-functions and areas of interest. Their goal is to drive discussions that help the member organizations to grow, share and learn from their unique “Let’s Talk – Live”® format for engagement.


Your Annual Membership includes a seat at both the spring and fall meetings, group-directed agendas based on Member Topic Requests, open discussion forums for best practices/challenges/approaches/insights, voluntary member presentations, comprehensive meeting notes for each session, e-survey results for member inquiries between meetings, insightful benchmarks across group members, exchange of resources and systems utilized, one on one Member Connect opportunities and so much more!


Twice per year meetings are conducted. Each are a unique opportunity to meet with your industry peers to discuss challenges, best practices, lessons learned, approaches, resources and much more.

These are community-oriented sessions featuring great engagement designed to help the participants to grow, share and learn together.


The twice per year meetings generate extensive discussions, which result in robust and comprehensive Notes.  These are filled with Benchmarks, Input, Referrals and more to ensure ongoing reference to the most important takeaways.


Member driven e-Surveys that are an expeditious method for providing timely responses and input from the member community specific to spontaneous needs.,  The Surveys are just another facet that fosters the connectivity of our Groups.


Direct access to a collection of industry leaders, who possess vast experience and learnings within the CPG universe.  This becomes a valuable and powerful network where the benefits of interacting are endless


Periodic online sessions that present our members with a chance to hear more about other supportive service organizations that may be valuable outside resources.  These speaking engagements are positioned under our “Let’s Talk – Capabilities” format.

In our 25 years of Share Group management, our members have told us that this simple formula adds value to our sessions:

  • Group-directed agendas

  • Open discussion forum

  • Voluntary member presentations

  • Industry guest speakers

  • Meeting Notes

  • E-Surveys


“Super impressed overall – the management of the share group, the detailed notes, the folks that attend from each company and the happy hour. fantastic job overall.”
“I truly enjoyed the sessions.  The topics were great and I learned so much from the discussions.  Such a great group of Supply Chain leaders from some highly respected CPG companies.  [We] have already been sharing some of the benchmarks with Sr. Management.  These benchmarks and discussions will help provide us with support and justification for some of the initiatives we are pursuing.”
“A quick note to say how much I enjoyed and learned at the recent share group. The format was the best conference i’ve attended. I found the discussions to be frank, engaging and the moderators kept things moving and positive! keep up the great work!”
“Thank you for having me!  Very insightful and a great way to share ideas and get a sense of how other companies are handling similar issues that Bel might be facing.  Appreciate the time and work that you all put into the meetings.  Looking forward to future gatherings.”

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